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Zebra Keys


Welcome to the Main Lessons Section!

Learn How to Play Piano Online With Zebra Keys - Free Piano Lessons for Various Levels of Difficulty

In this section, you will find over 50 free piano lessons that will help you to learn how to play piano and understand music theory. You can expect to learn how to improvise your own piano music and versions of your favorite tunes and even write your own songs! Our piano lessons are available for absolute beginners and for difficulty levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each level of difficulty is sub-divided into five mini sections including Learn Songs, Chords, Music Theory, Improvisation and Technique.

If you have just recently ventured into the world of piano playing, take a close look through our preparation section which is dedicated to helping you get started on basic piano playing concepts. If you are not a beginner, you will find that Zebra Keys teaches understanding of more complex piano concepts.

Most of our piano lessons are accompanied by Flash animations, which require Flash Player version 5 or higher to view certain parts of the piano lessons. Go to the Adobe website to download the latest version of Flash Player. Remember to check back often for new piano lessons. Enjoy!

Preparation Beginner
Piano Layout (3)
Basic Music Notation (2)
Learn Songs (3)
Chords (3)
Music Theory (5)
Improvisation (4)
Technique (3)
Intermediate Advanced
Learn Songs (3)
Chords (5)
Music Theory (2)
Improvisation (3)
Technique (2)
Learn Songs (3)
Chords (9)
Music Theory (3)
Improvisation (3)
Technique (1)
Video Tutorials

Lesson 1 - Patterns of Black and White Piano Keys

Lesson 2 - Names of White Piano Keys

Lesson 3 - Names of Black Piano Keys

Lesson 6 - How To Play "Brother John"

Lesson 7 - How To Play "London Bridge Is Falling Down"

Lesson 8 - How To Play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"




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