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Zebra Keys


Welcome to the Chords Section for Advanced Students!

As you know from the chords section for beginner students, chords are one of the basic buildings blocks of music. Once you are comfortable with the chords you learned in the beginner chords section and intermediate chords section, then you are ready for more advanced chords!

In this section, you will be learning to form chords with more than four notes, such as major 9th chords, major 11th chords and major 13th chords. You will also learn about suspended 2 chords, suspended 4 chords, 6ths chords, diminished chords and augmented chords. Don't let these names intimidate you, they are all actually pretty straight forward to understand and construct! Use these new chords to add new and exciting flavors to your music!

Below is a list of the lessons in this section and a short description of what you'll be learning in each.

Lesson # Title Description
Lesson 42 Diminished Chord
Lesson 43 Augmented Chord
Lesson 44 6th Chords
Lesson 45 Sus2 Chords
Lesson 46 Sus4 Chords
Lesson 47 Major 9th Chords
Lesson 48 Major 11th Chords
Lesson 49 Major 13th chords
Lesson 50 Borrowed Chords (COMING SOON!)
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