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Zebra Keys


Welcome to the Preparation Section!

Welcome New Adventurer

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey in the art of piano playing! This section is dedicated to teaching you the basic piano skills in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE, which involves lots and LOTS of very illustrative examples! We have the best methods in teaching you the most basic piano skills.

Absolute Beginners Get Ready

This section will lay the groundwork for everything there is to know about the most important part of the piano, THE KEYS! So if you are an absolute beginner and this is the first time you have ever set eyes on a piano, or you have worked with one before and just looking for some reminders, you are DEFINITELY in the right place! The piano layout section will teach you how the black and white keys on the piano keyboard are organized and the basic music notation section will teach you what notes to play and how long to play them. You will have a blast while learning all the piano basics!

Piano Layout (3)
Basic Music Notation (2)