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Zebra Keys

Basic Music Notation

Welcome to the Basic Music Notation Section!

Confused About the Lines and Symbols in Piano Sheet Music?

Ever wonder what all those lines and funny-looking symbols on a piano sheet music stand for? Well, here's your chance to finally make sense of it all! If you are not familiar with music notation, it can seem pretty intimidating to look at sheet music. Actually, it is a lot easier than you think! So, don't worry; there IS hope!

Find Out the Meaning to Music Symbols

Music notation is used to record music in written form. Music notation can tell you such things as what notes to play and how long to play them. You will be learning what all the funny-looking symbols used in written music actually mean! So put on your detective gear and GET READY to decrypt!

Lesson # Title Description
Lesson 4 Grand Staff: Diagram of the Piano Keyboard
Lesson 5 Note Durations
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