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Welcome to the DVD Review Section!

It's amazing how much you can learn from a good instructional DVD. The best part is that you can replay the lessons as many times as you need, AND any time you want. YOU control your own pace! Zebra Keys has found some of the best instructional DVD's out there and reviewed them for you.

# Title Description
1 Understanding the Formula of Music If you want the formula to great piano playing, Dan Huckabee WANTS to share it! This DVD explains music theory concepts in a way that will help you to effectively play songs by ear.

2 Learn to Play Blues Piano #1 Have you ever caught yourself making up songs on the spot for fun? Well, David Bennett Cohen uses the extensive amount of experience he has to teach you how to play and improvise blues piano.

3 Learning Piano Do you feel comfortable with basic piano concepts and chords and wonder what's next? Want to take it up a notch? Pete Sears teaches improvisation techniques that will help to hone your skills.

4 Play Piano in a Flash Need a little motivation to help you get better at playing the piano? Scott Houston will actually give you a WHOLE LOT of motivation and also give you fun and easy tips to help you become a pro!

5 Beginning Rhythm Piano: Volume 2 Did you ever want to learn how to play songs on the piano while singing?! If so, this is the perfect DVD to get you started!