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Beginning Rhythm Piano: Volume 2

Dan Huckabee

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Product Details

Title: Beginning Rhythm Piano: Volume 2

Performer: Dan Huckabee

Director: n/a

Format: AC-3, Color, Digital Sound, Full Screen, NTSC

Region: n/a

Number of Discs: 1

Studio: Musicians Workshop

DVD Release Date: November 1, 2003

Run Time: 75 Minutes

Zebra Keys Editorial Reviews

About the Performer

Dan Huckabee is a professional musician who has toured with many professional Bluegrass bands and has also released 5 solo albums. He won the 1976 National Dobro Championships. Beyond performing, one of Dan's main passions is teaching. Dan is the founder and President of Workshop Records Cassette and Video Music Instruction. Since 1973, his company has produced over 2,000 music instruction materials. Dan has also personally taught workshops at festivals around the United States and informal classes at The University of Texas. Let Dan use his vast music experiences to teach you everything you need to know in a fun and easy way!


Did you ever want to know how to play piano and sing at the same time? If so, Dan teaches you exactly that in part two of Rhythm Piano. Wait! What is rhythm piano? Rhythm piano is how you play the piano when you are singing a song. Rhythm piano is a great method for beginners as well as piano players who want an introduction to improvisation. It is also great for musicians who play other instruments and would like a good introduction to piano.

Rhythm piano deals with how to play chords using different patterns to accompany songs. The melody is not played but sung with your own voice! Though this method does not teach you note reading, it uses sound music theory concepts that you would learn in any college level music theory course. Whenever you start learning how to read music, you will have a good foundation. It is recommended that you can locate and name the keys of the piano keyboard, and have a basic understanding of chords before going through this DVD.


In this DVD, Dan demonstrates rhythm piano techniques using familiar songs. Dan performs songs like "Lean on Me", "Amazing Grace", "Sloop John B", "Happy Birthday", "Jingle Bells" and more! You will be learning how to play songs using the 3 primary chords as well as other chord devices like dominant 7th chords and relative minors. Dan will also walk you through how to play these chords using rhythmic patterns like alternating bass and walk-ups.

Below is a full list of the DVD contents.

'50's Rock and Roll Progression
7th Chords
Alternating Bass
5 of 5 Chord Concept
Chord-Scale Blueprint
Home on the Range
Boogie Woogie
Finger-leap Frogging
House of the Rising Sun
Key of E (Sloop John B.)
Advanced Inversions
Exercises and Chord Theory
Stretch Exercise

Everything is logically explained and played at a comfortable pace. If you have ever wanted to learn how to play songs on the piano while singing, this is a great DVD to check out!

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