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Welcome to the Book Review Section!

In this section, you will find a list of books that will improve your piano skills in such areas as improvising, playing by ear, music composition, and much more! Most of the books here should provide you with a wealth of reference material as you continue to grow in your piano playing skills.

# Title Description
1 How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons Have you been playing the piano for years but are still lost when it comes to improvising and playing music by ear. Ward Cannel and Fred Marx can show you the way!

2 How to Play From a Fake Book Don't worry! This book is actually VERY real. Michael Esterowitz shows you how to play from fake books, which are simplified easy to read versions of full music scores that the pros have been using for years to learn new music quickly!

3 How to Write Songs on Keyboards Want the recipe for writing a good song? The ingredients consist of chords and chord progressions. Rikky Rooksby will give you PLENTY of ingredients to start with!