John Tesh

A longtime host of Entertainment Tonight, John Tesh, is one of the most talented musicians.  Tesh is a famous pianist as well as composer.  His concerts have brought in over $20 million for PBS.  Tesh has four gold albums, and also won six music Emmy Awards.

Live at Red Rocks
Forever More: The Greatest Hits of John Tesh

Tesh  has hosted many radio shows besides working as television presenter, Read the rest of this entry »

The Tale of Despereaux

The Tale of Despereaux


One of the popular films, The Tale of Despereaux, was an instant hit when it was released in 2008.  Despereaux, the mouse, was born with two big ears.  He then became friend with Princess Pea who taught him to read stories about tales of the bravery. 


Unfortunately, our tiny protagonist was later expelled from his Mouseworld; but was rescued by Roscuro, the outcast rat.  Roscuro wanted to

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Taylor Swift

MP3 Downloads - Taylor Swift

Beautiful and talented 19-year old Taylor Swift is an American country and pop singer as well as a songwriter.

Born on December 13, 1989, to a stock broker and a homemaker, Taylor Swift has one younger brother named Austin. As a fourth grader, Swift wrote a poem called, Monster In My Closet; and won her in the national poetry contest. She then started to write songs and sing in many contests in and around her hometown of Wyomissing in Pennsylvania.

Swift was also a member of inspired kids sketch comedy group organized by Kirk Cremer. His mother noticed that Swift has a lot of natural talents in music while performing her usual karaoke singing. She suggested that Swift might want to pursue a career as a country singer. Read the rest of this entry »

American Idol: The Search for A Superstar

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The search for a superstar show was produced by Simon Fuller and started its first season in 2002.  The American Idol show is one of the most watched TV shows of this decade.


After the initial auditions, thousands of contestants will be eliminated from the contest leaving only 36 artists to compete in the semi-finals.  From there on, only 13 best artists will be selected to compete in the finals.


CBS will broadcast the finals live on television for the following eight weeks in which 11 more contestants will be eliminated from the show - leaving the best two to compete against each other in the finale. 


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The sole winner of the show will receive a $1 million record contract with one of the prestige recording

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Theresa Teng


Theresa Teng was a very famous and popular Chinese female vocalist who started her career in the late 60’s. Her songs are widely recognized in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Singapore and many of the Southeast Asia countries including Thailand and Malaysia.

Some of her most popular songs are “When Will You Return?” and “Moonlight Represents My Heart”. Theresa not only recorded her songs in Chinese (Mandarin), but also in other dialects such as Taiwanese and Cantonese. Theresa also sang and recorded some of the songs in Japanese, English and Indonesian.

Theresa Teng Memorial Songs
Essential Best Teresa Teng

Theresa was born in 1953 in a little village in Taiwan where her family had moved to from Hebei Province, China. Theresa had won many awards in numerous singing contests since she was a very young girl.  But the one that made the public notice about her was after she had sung “Visiting Ying Tai” from one of the Shaw Brothers’ infamous opera movies “The Love Eterne” (Liang Shan Bo yu Zhu Ying Tai).

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Chinese Ancient Musical Instruments

Back in 1977, a tomb was discovered in Suzou in Hubei Province in China. In this 2,500 years old tomb, there were four chambers full of numerous musical instruments.  Among them were bamboo flutes, bronze drums, stone chimes, a set of 64 cast-bronze bells in wooden frame, and many other musical instruments.

Eleven Centuries Of Traditional Chinese Music World Music CDs)

This has indicated that even over thousands of years ago, the Chinese civilization had reached its peak in using all the available resources to brilliantly created such incredible musical instruments.

The largest bell discovered was 485 pounds in weight. There were bells with complex design such as a range of five octaves each with 12 semitones. The frames and hooks of these bells had over three thousand inscriptions of instructions on the assembly as well as the music theory.

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Free Online Piano Lessons

Over 50+ Lessons FREE!


Online lessons are the technologies of today.  Almost everything can be learned via the Internet these days.  There are over thousands of websites out there offering free lessons of some sorts – these lessons have been created to make our lives and learning much more easier.If you love music, but couldn’t find time to take the lessons, or find teachers near you, or for whatever reasons – now it’s a good time to take piano lessons online for free!

You can learn piano at your own pace at Free lessons come with Flash demos and a free online virtual piano which can be used in conjunction with the lessons, or to practice the songs you’ve learned.

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Customize Your Web Page Background

Patterned Circles

Patterned Circles


Are you looking for background layout for your web page?  You can find many cute designs at  Go to the “Layout” tab and select any theme for your background from Celebrity Myspace Layouts, Music Myspace Layouts, or other layouts of your choice.  Click on the ”Get Code” button if you want to keep the preset color theme.  Otherwise, click on “Customize” button to start creating your own theme.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was born with good physical appearance and high spirits. Best of all, Miley was born with a silver spoon. Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus is also a well-known country music star.

Miley started to hum music tune even before she can speak. She is very intelligent, funny, with outstanding character and amazing charisma. Under the guidance of her parents, Miley has grown up to be one of the teenage idols and famous stars of this generation. On her 16th birthday, Read the rest of this entry »

Fur Elise

ZebraKeys Free Sheet Music
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Classical sheet music

Fur Elise is one of Beethoven’s best compositions. Listen to “Fur Elise” on piano keyboard, and learn how to play this song. Download free Fur Elise sheet music below:

Watch Fur Elise played at 50% speed below.

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