Z-Board Game

Access this fun and Free app, Z-Board game, to help you learn and test your piano skills.

If you are an absolute beginners, then learn basic piano skills below:

Lesson 2 Names of White Keys
White Keys Names

Lesson 3 Names of Black Keys
Black Key Names

Or, review Music Notation Chart


Open iTunes to download Z-Board Game app for Free.
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Classical Music by Beethoven

How to play one of the most popular classical pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven, Fur Elise:

Here are two more songs of Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata and Ode to Joy.
Watch these demos created by Gilbert DiBenedetti below:

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Learning Disabilities and Music

According to World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 15% of the world’s population have some degree of learning disability. It has been a major challenge for disabled persons to cope with their daily lives. As parents, we have a great responsibility to provide our children with practical way to improve their living conditions. As educators, we can also help to improve their learning ability in school and promote their good self-esteem as well.

Dance therapy: effects of motor performance of children with learning disabilities

Understanding exactly what learning disability is, can help us to make efforts to search for professional treatment or help for these children. Some parents do not agree or accept that their child has learning disability. Some even Read the rest of this entry »