Oh Susanna

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Learn how to play Oh Susanna on piano. Watch the video below:

Download free sheet music for “Oh Susanna“.

This song is played in 4/4 time, which means there are 4 beats in a measure, and every beat gets a quarter note. You will be playing three chords: C, G, and F in this song (review music notation for note duration - dotted half note equals to 3 beats/counts)

C chord: C - E - G
G chord: G - B - D
F chord: F - A - C

Now, practice to play this song on your piano keyboard, or use ZebraKeys’ Z-Board below.
Click to browse piano keyboards.

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Instructions for using Z-Board -

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Glossary of Musical Terms

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A Tempo -
Returning to the original speed

Accent Sign (>) -
Playing the note(s) louder

Allegretto -
Playing the music moderately fast.

Allegro -
Playing the music fast.

Andante -
Playing the music slowly (at a walking pace).

Arpeggio -
Chords where the notes are played in succession instead of together.

Bar -
Organized chunk of time in music that contains a particular number of beats, usually two, three, or four beats. Another word for bar is measure.

Bar Line -
Line used to separate bars/ measures of music.

Bass Clef -
Musical symbol that is placed at the left side of a staff that makes a note placed on the second line from the top of the staff the F below Middle C. For this reason, it is also called the F clef.

The Complete Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Cadences: Includes All the Major, Minor (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic) & Chromatic Scales - Plus Additional Instructions on Music Fundamentals

Chord -
Three or more notes played simultaneously. Learn how to play C major chord - access Free online chord chart.

Clef Signs -
Musical symbol that is located at the left side of a staff that makes each line and space on the staff correspond to a specific key on the piano keyboard. In piano music, two clef signs are used, the Treble or G clef, and the Bass or F clef.

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Aura Lee - Learn Piano

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Learn how to play this popular song Aura Lee (Love Me Tender) on piano. Watch the demo playing this song below.

This song is played in 4/4 time, which means that there are 4 beats in a measure, and each beat gets a quarter note (review note duration). There are five chords used in this song - C, G, F. Am (A minor), and Dm (D minor):

C chord: C - E - G
G chord: G - B - D
F chord: F - A - C
Dm chord: D - F - A
Am chord: A - C -E

[Review: - Major Chords, Minor Chords]

Download this free sheet music below so can use it to play this song now!

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Pentatonic Scales

ZebraKeys 50 Free Piano Lessons

Here, we will show you how to play the pentatonic scale, also called a 5-note scale. The easiest way to demonstrate this scale, is to play all of the black keys on the piano keyboard . The pentatonic scale creates a mood that may remind you of songs from East Asia.

[Review: How to play major scale which consists of seven notes in an octave]

Here are the intervals for Pentatonic Scales:

W - W - m3 - W - m3

W - whole tone ( a whole note )
m3 - minor third ( 3 semi-tone / half-tone )

Play all the black keys starting with Gb:

G♭ - A♭ - B♭ - D♭ - E♭

Intervals between:
G♭ to A♭ is a whole tone (whole step)
A♭ to B♭ is also a whole tone
B♭ to D♭ is three (3) semi tone or half tone
D♭ to E♭ is a whole tone

How to play Pentatonic Scale:

G♭- A♭- B♭- D♭- E♭
Pentatonic Scales

Now, practice playing pentatonic scale on your piano, or you use interactive Z-Board piano below: Read the rest of this entry »

Piano Lessons for Children

Piano Lessons for Children Free Online Piano Lessons & Resources free-sheet-music-zebrakeys

Statistic has shown that music can make a person smarter, happier, and have a better self-esteem. With the right techniques and tools, everyone can learn how to play music instrument in no time at all. ZebraKeys.com is an online piano learning website which provides free piano lessons for children and those who want to learn the piano.

As a former inspiring piano teacher of many years, ZebraKeys’ publisher wanted every child he taught to be able to grasp the music concepts and the lessons he presented to them. However, not everyone can possibly learn and do well at the same pace - some need more time than the others, which may require a lot more resources and music learning tools. So for awhile, he had been brainstorming to come up with a solution to share some of the techniques on how to play piano for children all around the globe. Together with his brother, a programmer (who also designed ZebraKeys’ Z-Board), they launched ZebraKeys.com, a piano learning website. ZebraKeys.com has been provided free tutorials for children and anyone who want to learn how to play the piano since 2006.

Click on Piano Basics to start learning piano now!

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The Ash Grove

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Up On The Housetop Sheet Music

One of the popular Welsh folk songs, “The Ash Grove“, was written in the 19th century by John Oxenford. Watch and listen to this song playing on the piano, and learn how to play it using our Free online virtual piano keyboard below.

Access / download free sheet music for The Ash Grove now, so you can use it to practice this song (virtual piano keyboard provided - see below).

This song is played in 3/4 time, which means there are 3 beats in a measure, and every beat gets a quarter note.  You will be playing four chords: C, G, F, and D, in this song.

[Review: music notation for note duration - dotted half note equals to 3 beats/counts]

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Brahms’ Lullaby

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Learn how to play Brahms’ Lullaby on piano. Watch this video animation played by Synthesia. Download “Brahms’ Lullaby” sheet music for free.

This song is played in 3/4 Time, which is three beats per measure, and each beat gets a

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Online Piano Keyboard: Virtual Keyboard

Learn Songs - This Old Man
Piano Keyboards
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ZebraKeys Free Piano Resources

ZebraKeys’ virtual keyboard is an excellent online tool to use along with its Free piano lessons.  You can use this virtual Z-Board to practice songs or just play the notes and hear how they sound like.

In the “preparation” section, you will learn basic piano skills - the layout of piano keyboard and basic music notation. After you are familiar with these basic skills, you will be learning how to play some of the easy popular songs, and be able to practice them on our virtual piano keyboard below. See instructions below:


Use the virtual piano keyboard below to practice what you’ve learned in the “Piano Basics” Section - Piano Layout. You can play this Virtual Piano Z-Board in two ways:

1) Use mouse to click directly on any key (note highlighted in RED), or

2) Press on any corresponding button (key highlighted in BLUE) on your computer keyboard to play that particular note (this feature is used when playing chords - you have to first click on the virtual piano once to activate this feature)

e.g. Press “Shift” to play note “C”, press letter “S” to play note “E”, and so on. To play C Major Chord (C - E - G): Hold down “Shift” - “S” - “F” buttons on the computer keyboard at the same time. See sample below:

Access Major Chord chart.

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Clair de Lune

ZebraKeys Free Sheet Music How to play “The Entertainer
Free sheet music and more

Watch the demo video on how to play Clair de Lune, one of the famous classical pieces.

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Chord Patterns

The Chord Wheel: The Ultimate Tool for All Musicians Learn how to play “Major Scale

Improvisation is the ability to make music as you are performing it. Much of improvisation is learning patterns or different note and chord arrangements that you can then apply to songs that you already know.

Here, you will learn some chord patterns that you can play with your left hand that can be added to any song to create more interesting sounding music. Below are three improvisation techniques that you will be learning. Try and play these chord patterns on your piano or piano keyboard, or use our Virtual Piano provided below.

Double Chord
Broken Chord
Arpeggio Chord

Double Chord Pattern

Double chord” pattern - is when the same chord is played again in the same measure. Playing double chord can make your music more interesting. Watch the video below on how to play “Brother John” using “Double Chord” pattern.

Use online interactive Z-Board below to learn how to play: Angels We Have Heard on High, Camptown Races, and This Old Man.

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