Learning Disabilities and Music

According to World Health Organization (WHO), roughly 15% of the world’s population have some degree of learning disability. It has been a major challenge for disabled persons to cope with their daily lives. As parents, we have a great responsibility to provide our children with practical way to improve their living conditions. As educators, we can also help to improve their learning ability in school and promote their good self-esteem as well.

Dance therapy: effects of motor performance of children with learning disabilities

Understanding exactly what learning disability is, can help us to make efforts to search for professional treatment or help for these children. Some parents do not agree or accept that their child has learning disability. Some even Read the rest of this entry »

Where Has My Little Dog Gone

Learn how to play another popular nursery rhyme, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone. This song is played in 3/4 time, which means there are three (3) beats in a measure, and each beat gets a quarter note.

There are three chords in this songs: C chord, G chord, and F chord.

Access free Virtual Piano to practice this song now.

Download a copy of Where Has My Little Dog Gone sheet music for Free. Or, see note below:

| E
| G E | C B C | D D B | G G |
| A G | F E D | G | G E F |
| G E | C B C | D B | G G |
| A G | F E D | C | C |

Access more free sheet music and learn Read the rest of this entry »

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Access and download Free sheet music for Row Row Row Your Boat, and learn how to play this easy song below. Or, see notes below.

This song is written in 4/4 time – each measure gets four (4) beats, and each beat receives a quarter note.

Access free virtual piano keyboard to practice playing this song now.

Notes for the left hand chord:

| C C | C | C | C |
| C | C | G | C |

Notes for the right hand melody:

| C C | C D E | E D E F | G |
| CC C GG G | EE E CC C | G F E D | C |

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