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Rockabye Baby

Learn how to play this popular nursery rhymes, Rockabye Baby, on piano keyboard. This video comes with singalong lyrics, and printable free sheet music.

Oh Susanna

Learn how to play “Oh Susanna” on piano keyboard. Access Free interactive virtual piano to practice this song online now!

Glossary of Musical Terms

Glossary of musical terms.

The Ash Grove

One of the popular Welsh folk songs, “The Ash Grove”, was written in the 19th century by John Oxenford. Watch how to play this song on the piano, free sheet music and virtual piano are provided.

Brahms’ Lullaby

Learn how to play Brahms’ Lullaby on piano – watch this video animation played by Synthesia. Free sheet music provided.

C Major Scale

Learn how to play C Major scale on piano keyboard. Learn the formula on how to construct any major scales by using the pattern of whole steps and half steps.

Learn to Play Piano – Clementines

Learn to play Clementine on piano. Watch animation demo playing this song on Synthesia, and practice to play it online using ZebraKeys’ free virtual piano keyboard now.

How to Play Christmas Carol – The First Noel

Learn to play “The First Noel” on the piano keyboard. Watch the animation demo showing you how to play this popular Christmas carol. Fun learning with online virtual piano keyboard!

How to Play Piano – Learn “America” on Piano

Learn how to play “America” on piano keyboard. Watch the animation demo, and practice to play this song using online virtual piano now! Learn other popular songs today!

London Bridge Is Falling Down

Learn how to play “London Bridge is Falling Down” on piano. Free online piano lessons for beginners with Flash demos and free music training tools.

Free Piano Lessons for Children

Learning piano is much more fun these days with all of the new technologies which allow children to be able to learn from an online lessons without having to leave home, nor paying for the lesson fees. Your child can learn the piano basic skills right here on our site at their own pace.

Table of Contents – Free Online Piano Lessons provides free online piano lessons for absolute beginners through intermediate advanced levels. Our piano lessons are broken down into five mini sections for each level of difficulties. Lessons come animated demos, and interactive music training tools to enhance learners’ piano skills.

Learn to Play “Brother John” Online

Learn how to play “Brother John” online. Watch the demos showing you how to play the melodies and chords separately. Use online Z-Board to practice this song – fun learning for everyone!

Yankee Doodle – Free Sheet Music

Download free sheet music for Yankee Doodle, a popular and well-known song often sung patriotically today in America.

Music Notation

Music notation is used to record music in a written format – Learn how the keys are represented in music notation. Download free music notation chart.