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Online Piano Keyboard: Virtual Keyboard

Online piano keyboard - an excellent music tool for learning piano with ZebraZeys’ free tutorials. Access Z-Board now, a fun way of learning the piano!

Maple Leaf Rag

Learn to play “Maple Leaf Rag” - watch the demo played by Synthesia. Free sheet music provided.

Learn to Play Piano - Clementines

Learn to play Clementine on piano. Watch animation demo playing this song on Synthesia, and practice to play it online using ZebraKeys’ free virtual piano keyboard now.

Learn How to Play Piano - This Old Man

Learn how to play “This Old Man” song on piano. Watch the demo playing the keys on the keyboard. Learn to play this song online on virtual Z-Board now! Free sheet music provided.

How to Play Piano - Learn “America” on Piano

Learn how to play “America” on piano keyboard. Watch the animation demo, and practice to play this song using online virtual piano now! Learn other popular songs today!

Virtual Piano Keyboard

Use ZebraKeys’ virtual piano keyboard to practice songs you have learned in the “Beginners’ Learn Songs” Section. This online keyboard is fun for learners of all ages.


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