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Glossary of Musical Terms

Glossary of musical terms.

Pentatonic Scales

Learn how to play pentatonic scales by playing only the black key notes. Watch the demo showing you how to this 5-note scale.

Chord Inversions

In this lesson, you will be learning about Chord Inversions – 1st and second Inversions, and how to make the transitions between different chords to make them sound smoother.

Table of Contents – Free Online Piano Lessons provides free online piano lessons for absolute beginners through intermediate advanced levels. Our piano lessons are broken down into five mini sections for each level of difficulties. Lessons come animated demos, and interactive music training tools to enhance learners’ piano skills.

Five-Finger Exercise

Learn how to do “Five Finger Exercises”. Watch video demo on this piano techniques for beginners. The exercise will help to improve the strength and flexibility of your fingers.

C Major Arpeggio

Arpeggio in musical term refers to a group of notes (or chord) being played one after the other in sequence. Learn how to play C Major Arpeggio on piano keyboard.

Piano Technique for Beginners

A good way to improve your technique is to perform finger exercises. Learn some of the piano techniques that are fun to play as well as please to listen to.