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Music Theory – Intervals

Access free Virtual Piano List of 50 Free Piano Lessons Free Interactive Interval Ear Trainer In western music, the smallest interval is the half step (semitone or half tone). A visual representation of a half step is any two keys on the piano keyboard that have no key in between them. HALF STEPS (HS) A […]

Key Signatures

Key signatures can provide a clue as to what key a piece of music is written in. In music, the key identifies the tonal center or home base of a song.

I, IV, V Chords

The “I, IV, V” Chords (primary chords) are played more often than any other chords in that particular key. Learn chords for beginners now!

C Major Scale

Learn how to play C Major scale on piano keyboard. Learn the formula on how to construct any major scales by using the pattern of whole steps and half steps.

Major Scales

Major scales are used to create most of the popular songs you hear on the radio today as well as many pieces of classical music. Learn how to construct major scales in all 12 keys. Watch demos playing all the major scales

Major Chords – Learn Piano for Beginners

Learn how to major chords in all 12 keys for beginner piano. Access interactive chord chart to find any chords – fun learning!

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Music Theory

Learn music theory – 12 keys of music, major scale, intervals, chords of the major scales, and Circle of fifths (5ths).

Free Online Piano Lessons

Online lessons are the technologies of today. Our free online piano lessons are easy-to-follow, most of the tutorials come with animated flash demos which are fun-to-learn. Each level is divided into five sub-sections.