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I, IV, V Chords

The “I, IV, V” Chords (primary chords) are played more often than any other chords in that particular key. Learn chords for beginners now!

Chord Inversions

In this lesson, you will be learning about Chord Inversions – 1st and second Inversions, and how to make the transitions between different chords to make them sound smoother.

Angels We Have Heard On High

Download “Angels We Have Heard On High” sheet music for free. Learn how to play this popular Christmas song online by watching demo, and practice it on the virtual piano provided. Fun learning for everyone!

Piano Layout

This is a tutorial video for Lesson 1 – The Layout of Piano Keyboard. You will learn the piano keyboard patterns of the white and the black keys.

How to Play Christmas Carol – The First Noel

Learn to play “The First Noel” on the piano keyboard. Watch the animation demo showing you how to play this popular Christmas carol. Fun learning with online virtual piano keyboard!

How to Play Piano – Learn “America” on Piano

Learn how to play “America” on piano keyboard. Watch the animation demo, and practice to play this song using online virtual piano now! Learn other popular songs today!

Up On The Housetop

Learn how to play Up On The Housetop. You can use the Z-Board virtual piano to practice this song if you don’t already own a keyboard. Download a copy of free sheet music for this song, or, see note below. This song is play in 4/4 time (four beats per measure, and each beat receives […]

Names of Piano Keys

Learn the names of piano keys – seven white keys and five black keys. Test how well you know the these key names on the interactive “Keyboard Trainer”.