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Seventh Chords

There are different types of Seventh Chords. Here you will be learning three types of 7th chords, and how to construct them. View the chord chart for each of these seventh chords:

Major 7th (view all major 7th chords)
Minor 7th (view all minor 7th chords)

Chord Patterns

Learn three fun chord patterns and use this in your music. Watch demos showing you how to play these patterns. Check out more free piano lessons at

I, IV, V Chords

The “I, IV, V” Chords (primary chords) are played more often than any other chords in that particular key. Learn chords for beginners now!

Chord Inversions

In this lesson, you will be learning about Chord Inversions - 1st and second Inversions, and how to make the transitions between different chords to make them sound smoother.

Major Chords - Learn Piano for Beginners

Learn how to play major chords in all 12 keys for beginner piano. Access interactive chord chart to find any chords - fun learning!

Minor Chords

Learn how to contruct a minor chord. Practice playing minor chords on virtual piano provided. Access free online piano lessons with Flash demos.

Free Online Piano Lessons

Online lessons are the technologies of today. Our free online piano lessons are easy-to-follow, most of the tutorials come with animated flash demos which are fun-to-learn. Each level is divided into five sub-sections.


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