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Free Music Notes Flash Cards

Here are free printable music notes flashcards for download.

Piano Lessons for Children

Statistic has shown that music can make a person smarter, happier, and have a better self-esteem. With the right techniques and tools, everyone can learn how to play music instrument in no time at all. is an online piano learning website which provides free piano lessons for children and those who want to learn piano.

I, IV, V Chords

The “I, IV, V” Chords (primary chords) are played more often than any other chords in that particular key. Learn chords for beginners now!

Learn to Read Piano Music – Time Signatures

A time signature and key signature tell you how a particular piece of music is played. A time measure consists of two numbers written as a fraction.

Major Chords – Learn Piano for Beginners

Learn how to major chords in all 12 keys for beginner piano. Access interactive chord chart to find any chords – fun learning!

Free Piano Lessons for Children

Learning piano is much more fun these days with all of the new technologies which allow children to be able to learn from an online lessons without having to leave home, nor paying for the lesson fees. Your child can learn the piano basic skills right here on our site at their own pace.

Music Theory

Learn music theory – 12 keys of music, major scale, intervals, chords of the major scales, and Circle of fifths (5ths).

Music Notation

Music notation is used to record music in a written format – Learn how the keys are represented in music notation. Download free music notation chart.