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Major Scales

Major scales are used to create most of the popular songs you hear on the radio today as well as many pieces of classical music. Learn how to construct major scales in all 12 keys. Watch demos playing all the major scales

Chord Inversions

In this lesson, you will be learning about Chord Inversions - 1st and second Inversions, and how to make the transitions between different chords to make them sound smoother.

Learn to Read Piano Music - Time Signatures

A time signature and key signature tell you how a particular piece of music is played. A time measure consists of two numbers written as a fraction.

Circle of Fifths

Use this circle that has all of the 12 keys of music, the Circle of Fifths, to help you in improvising and writing music.

Learn to Play Piano - Clementines

Learn to play Clementine on piano. Watch animation demo playing this song on Synthesia, and practice to play it online using ZebraKeys’ free virtual piano keyboard now.

Major Chords - Learn Piano for Beginners

Learn how to play major chords in all 12 keys for beginner piano. Access interactive chord chart to find any chords - fun learning!

Learn How to Play Piano - This Old Man

Learn how to play “This Old Man” song on piano. Watch the demo playing the keys on the keyboard. Learn to play this song online on virtual Z-Board now! Free sheet music provided.

Piano Layout

This is a tutorial video for Lesson 1 - The Layout of Piano Keyboard. You will learn the piano keyboard patterns of the white and the black keys.

How to Play Piano - Learn “America” on Piano

Learn how to play “America” on piano keyboard. Watch the animation demo, and practice to play this song using online virtual piano now! Learn other popular songs today!

London Bridge Is Falling Down

Learn how to play “London Bridge is Falling Down” on piano. Free online piano lessons for beginners with Flash demos and free music training tools.


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