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Seventh Chords

Learn how to construct different types of seventh chords – Dominant 7th, Major 7th, and Minor 7th chords. Free piano tutorial with Flash demos for fun learning.

How to Play Major 7th Chord

Learn how to construct Major 7th Chord, and learn how to play this chord on piano keyboard.

I, IV, V Chords

The “I, IV, V” Chords (primary chords) are played more often than any other chords in that particular key. Learn chords for beginners now!

Major Chords – Learn Piano for Beginners

Learn how to major chords in all 12 keys for beginner piano. Access interactive chord chart to find any chords – fun learning!

Table of Contents – Free Online Piano Lessons provides free online piano lessons for absolute beginners through intermediate advanced levels. Our piano lessons are broken down into five mini sections for each level of difficulties. Lessons come animated demos, and interactive music training tools to enhance learners’ piano skills.

Minor Chords

Learn how to contruct a minor chord. Practice playing minor chords on virtual piano provided. Access free online piano lessons with Flash demos.

How to play Diminished Chords

Access free Virtual Piano List of 50 Free Piano Lessons Free Interactive Keyboard Trainer Playing Diminished Chord (written as “dim“) is easy. The formula for diminished chord is: Root – 3HS – 3HS., or 1 – b3 – b5 Diminished Chords: 1 – b3 – b5 _____ ___ ___ ___ C C – Eb – […]