Hark The Herald Angels Sing

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Learn how to play Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. This song introduces two new dominant 7th chords – D7 and A7, besides G7 that you have learned in Auld Lang Syne.

So, there are three dominant 7th chords, and three minor chords – Dm, Am, and Em.

This song is played in 4/4 time, which means there are four beats in a measure, and each beat get a quarter note.

Notes on the right hand are:

1 the notes should be G C C B, instead of A D D C. Notes listed in the sheet music were incorrect, but notes on the keyboard are correct]

| G C C B | C E E D | G G G F |
| E D E | A D D C 1 | C E E D |
| G D D B | B A G | G G G C |
| F E E D | G G G C | F E E D |
| A A A G | F E F | D EF G C |
| C D E | A A A G | F E F |
| D EF G | C D C |


Here are the chords for the left hand, they are:

| C | C G7 | C Dm |
| G7 C | C | Am D7 |
| C | D7 G | C Am |
| Dm G7 | Em F | Dm G7 |
| F A7 | A7 Dm | G7 C |
| G7 C | F A7 | A7 Dm |
| G7 C | F G7 C |

C chord, (C-E-G)
F chord, (F-A-C)
G7 chord, (G-B-D-F) [G Dominant 7th]
Am chord, (A-C-E)
Em chord, (E-G-B)
Dm chord, (D-F-A)
D7 chord, (D-F#-A-C) [D Dominant 7th]
A7 chord, (A-C#-E-G) [A Dominant 7th]
Review: Dominant 7th Chord]


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