Rockabye Baby

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Learn how to play and sing along with this nursery rhyme video, Rockabye Baby.
Click to download the Free sheet music for this song.

This song is played in 3/4 time, which means there are three (3) beats in a measure, and each beat get a quarter note.

There are three major chords in this song:

      C chord, the notes are C-E-G
      G chord, the notes are G-B-D
      F chord, the notes are F-A-C
      [Review: Major Chord]

Chords to be played by the left hand are:

| C | C | C | G |
| G | C | F | C |
| C | C | C | G |
| C | C | G | C |

Notes to be played by the right hand are:

| E G E | D C | E G C | B |
| F G F | E D | D C A | G |
| E G E | D C | E G C | B A |
| G C F | E C | D A B | C |



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Download Free Sheet Music below:

Rockabye Baby Sheet Music

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