Pentatonic Scales

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Here, we will show you how to play the pentatonic scale, also called a 5-note scale. The easiest way to demonstrate this scale, is to play all of the black keys on the piano keyboard . The pentatonic scale creates a mood that may remind you of songs from East Asia.

[Review: How to play major scale which consists of seven notes in an octave]

Here are the intervals for Pentatonic Scales:

W - W - m3 - W - m3

W - whole tone ( a whole note )
m3 - minor third ( 3 semi-tone / half-tone )

Play all the black keys starting with Gb:

G♭ - A♭ - B♭ - D♭ - E♭

Intervals between:
G♭ to A♭ is a whole tone (whole step)
A♭ to B♭ is also a whole tone
B♭ to D♭ is three (3) semi tone or half tone
D♭ to E♭ is a whole tone

How to play Pentatonic Scale:

G♭- A♭- B♭- D♭- E♭
Pentatonic Scales

Now, practice playing pentatonic scale on your piano, or you use interactive Z-Board piano below:

Yamaha YPT-230 61-Key Portable Keyboard


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