Brahms’ Lullaby

A beautiful song, Brahms’ Lullaby, written in 3/4 time. Learn to play this easy piano piece at your own pace.

Click for interactive virtual piano, Z-Board, to practice playing this song if you don’t already own one. Browse piano keyboards from Amazon. Download free sheet music for this song:

This song is play in 3/4 time (three beats per measure, and each beat receives a quarter note).

You will be playing three major chords with the left hand:

      C chord, the notes are C-E-G
      G chord, the notes are G-B-D
      F chord, the notes are F-A-C

Chords are:

      1st measure – C C C G
      2nd measure – G G G C
      3rd measure – F C G C
      4th measure – F C G C

Notes on the right hand are:

| EE |
| G EE | G EG | C B A | A G DE |
| F D DE | F DF | BA G B | C CC |
| C AF | G E C | F G A | G CC |
| C AF | G EC | F E D | C |


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