Learn to Read Piano Music – Time Signatures

In the video below, you will be practicing how to count notes in a measure, in order to keep time in music. A time signature tells you how a particular piece of music is played.

2/4 time – Two counts (beats) per measure
3/4 time – Three counts (beats) per measure
4/4 time – Four counts (beats) per measure

The bottom part with a number four (4) indicates that each count (or beat) gets a quarter note.

Time Signatures Learn Time Signatures

Practice how to count the notes using free Z-Board, a virtual piano keyboard.

Now that you have learned how to count the beats, you are ready to learn how to play an easy piano song, Brother John, click below.

As you can see this song is played in 4/4 time, which means there are four (4) beats in a measure, and each beat receives a quarter notes.

Brother John


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