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Clementine is an American folk music. Learn how to play Clementine on piano, comes with free sheet music. This song is play in 3/4 time, i.e. three beats per measure, and each beat receives a quarter note.
Review: Time Signatures]

You will be playing two (2) major chords with the left hand:

        C chord, the notes are C-E-G
        G, the notes are G-B-D

Chords to be played by the left hand are:

| |
| C | C | C | G |
| G | C | G | C |
| C | C | C | G |
| G | C | G | C |

Click below to download free sheet music for this song.

Access free Virtual Piano to practice playing Clementine.

Notes to be played by the right hand are:

| CC |
| C G EE | E C CE | G G FE | D DE |
| F F ED | E C CE | DG BD | C CC |
| C G EE | E C CE | G G FE | D DE |
| F F ED | E C CE | D G BD | C |


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