Learn to Play Piano – Clementines

Clementine is an American folk music. Learn how to play Clementine on piano, comes with free sheet music. Click below to download free sheet music for this song.

Access free Virtual Piano to practice playing Clementine.

This song is play in 3/4 time (three beats per measure, and each beat receives a quarter note).

You will be playing two (2) major chords with the left hand:

      C chord, the notes are C-E-G
      G chord, the notes are G-B-D

Chords are:

      1st measure – C C C G
      2nd measure – G C G C
      3rd measure – C C C G
      4th measure – G C G C

Notes on the right hand are:

| CC |
| C G EE | E C CE | G G FE | D DE |
| F F ED | E C CE | DG BD | C CC |
| C G EE | E C CE | G G FE | D DE |
| F F ED | E C CE | D G BD | C |


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Clementine Sheet Music



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