Up On The Housetop

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Learn how to play Up On The Housetop. You can use the Z-Board virtual piano to practice this song if you don’t already own a keyboard. Download a copy of free sheet music for this song, or, see note below.

This song is play in 4/4 time (four beats per measure, and each beat receives a quarter note).
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You will be playing three major chords with the left hand:
C chord, the notes are – C-E-G
G chord, the notes are – G-B-D
F chord, the notes are – F-A-C

Chords for the left hand are:

| C | C | F | G |
| C | C | F | G C |
| F | C | G | C |
| C | F | G | G C |

Notes for the right hand are:

| G GA G E | C E G | A A G E | D G G |
| G GA G E | C E G | A AA G E | D G C |
| F F A | G GG E | D D F | E GG C E |
| G GA G E | F G A | G GA G E | D G C |


Up on the housetop reindeer pause
Out jumps Good Old Santa Clause
Down through the chimney with lots of toys
All for the little ones, Christmas joys

Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Ho, ho ho! Who wouldn’t go?
Up on the housetop, click, click, click
Down through the chimney with old Saint Nick

First comes the stocking of little Nell
Oh, dear Santa fill it well
Give her a dolly that laughs and cries
One that will open and shut it’s eyes (Chorus)

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