Table of Contents – Free Online Piano Lessons

List of Free Piano Lessons

White Key Names

Piano Basics

Lesson 1Layout of Piano Keys
Lesson 2Names of White Keys
Lesson 3Names of Black Keys
Lesson 4Piano Grand Staff
Lesson 5Music Notation – Note Durations

Treble C hi label

Treble E hi label

Treble D hi label

Beginner Piano

Lesson 6Learn Song, “Brother John”
Lesson 7London Bridge is Falling Down
Lesson 8Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Lesson 9Playing the Major Chord
Lesson 10Three Primary Chords
Lesson 1112 Bar Blues Chord Progression
Lesson 1212 Keys of Music
Lesson 13Major Scale
Lesson 14Intervals
Lesson 15Chords of the Major Scale
Lesson 16Circle of Fifths
Lesson 17Chord Inversions
Lesson 18Double Chord Pattern
Lesson 19Broken Chord Pattern
Lesson 20Arpeggio Chord Pattern
Lesson 21Pentatonic Scale
Lesson 22Whole Tone Scale
Lesson 23Arpeggios

Intermediate Piano

Lesson 24America (My Country, ‘Tis of Thee)
Lesson 25Learn How to Play “Silent Night”
Lesson 26God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Lesson 27Playing the Minor Chord
Lesson 28Three Secondary Chords
Lesson 29Dominant 7th Chord
Lesson 30Major 7th Chord
Lesson 31Minor 7th Chord
Lesson 32Natural Minor Scale
Lesson 33Chords of the Natural Minor Scale
Lesson 34Melody as Octaves
Lesson 35Root Chord Pattern
Lesson 36Harmony Notes
Lesson 37Major Chord Inversions
Lesson 38Chord Inversion Straddles

Advanced Piano

Lesson 39Learn Song, “The First Noel”
Lesson 40Auld Lang Syne
Lesson 41Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Lesson 42Diminished Chord
Lesson 43Augmented Chord
Lesson 446th Chords
Lesson 45Sus2 Chords
Lesson 46Sus4 Chords
Lesson 47Major 9th Chords
Lesson 48Major 11th Chords
Lesson 49Major 13th Chords
Lesson 51Blues Scale


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