Names of Piano Keys

You have learned in the last tutorial about the piano layout, and recognize that there are sections of 12 keys (seven white keys, and five black keys in between them) throughout the piano keyboard. So, now we are going to learn the names of these piano keys.


      The names of these seven (7) white keys are – C, D, E, F, G, A, and B.

      Click to access Free Interactive Virtual Piano:

      The names of five (5) black keys, which can be named in two ways, are –

          C# (or Db)
          D# (or Eb)
          F# (or Gb)
          G# (or Ab)
          A# (or Bb)

Black Key Names
# stands for Sharp, which is a half tone (or note) higher
b stands for Flat, which is a half tone (or note) lower


Next, learn Music Notation

Lesson 4 – Piano Grand Staff

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Note Durations

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