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There are 88 piano keys on a full-size piano keyboard. They are made up of seven (7) whilte keys, and five (5) black keys throughout the piano keyboard. Today, we will be learning the names of these piano keys.

[Review: Piano Layout]

You will be able to test your skills at the end of this lesson using “Keyboard Trainer” written by Ricci Adams.

There are only 12 key names to remember - seven white keys and five black keys, since these keys are repeated throughout the keyboard. Watch two videos below to help you quickly recognize each key’s name in relation to its position on the piano keyboard.

White Key Names

Names of 7 white keys are:

C, D, E, F, G, A, and B

Black Key Names

Names of 5 black keys are: (each of them has two names)

A group of two black keys are:
C# (or, Db), and D# (or, Eb)

A group of three black keys are:
F# (or, Gb), G#(or, Ab), and A# (or, Bb)

Now we have learned the names of all of the piano keys, let’s use the Keyboard Trainer below to test what we’ve just learned.


1. Click on the “New Key” button (on blue panel) to start
2. A new key on the piano keyboard will be highlighted (in blue)
3. Select the correct key name from the key pad
4. A box will pop up showing “Correct” or “Incorrect” for your answer
5. The trainer will keep track of your scores (see your scores above the “New Key” button).

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Lesson 2 - Name of White Keys

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Lesson 3 - Names of Black Piano Keys

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Use these Free Music Training Tools below to test your piano skills:

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