The Power of Music

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Have you ever listened to a song that brought tears to your eyes? It has been found that most people connect to the words in a song or the music itself.

If you listen to songs that have an upbeat tempo, you will find yourself smiling. But if you are depressed, listening to sad songs can only make it worse. Music has a power to heal, it can heal even a broken heart.

Music has a way of soothing our fragile spirits, and for some of us, music can wash away the effects of a long hard day whether at work or home. Sometimes it is the words in a song and sometimes it is just the music itself that touches us. You can put a CD in the player, close your eyes and it can take you to that place.

We hear music from the time we are born and probably while we were still in the womb. We started out with lullabies; then, as we grew older we began to choose our own favorite songs. Once we have chosen our favorites, we then begin to associate songs with events – that was the songs we danced to at the prom, or the song we fell in love to, and so on.


The next time you are feeling down, find yourself some upbeat and happy song to listen to, and you will find yourself feeling much more better, or even singing along with the music.


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