Five-Finger Exercise

Learn C Major Scale
Piano Keyboards
Christmas Songs

Learn basic piano technique - Five finger exercise. Let’s watch the video below on how to do this exercise.

Use the interactive piano below to practice this exercise. It will help to improve your piano technique. The use of all the fingers in this piano drill, if practice daily, will surely help to build strength and flexibility of your fingers.

Learn piano techniques for beginners - Pentatonic Scale (5-note scale) and Whole Note Scale.

Alfred’s Basic Adult Finger Aerobics: Exercises to Develop the Strength, Flexibility and Agility of Each Finger, Level 1 (Alfred’s Basic Piano Library)
A Dozen a Day: Technical Exercises for the Piano to Be Done Each Day Before Practicing

Use the computer mouse to click directly on the keys of the virtual piano keyboard pad below. (You would need an actual piano keyboard to do the five-finger exercises, but for now you can use this virtual keyboard, just so that you can get familiar with what each note sounds like).

Yamaha YPT-240 61-Key
Premium Keyboard Pack

Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course, Bk 1: Lesson * Theory * Technic (Book & DVD)
This comprehensive course adds such features as isometric hand exercises, finger strengthening drills, and written assignments that reinforce each lesson’s concepts.
A Dozen a Day Book 1
The Dozen a Day books are universally recognized as one of the most remarkable technique series on the market for all ages!
Each book in this series contains short warm-up exercises to be played at the beginning of each practice session, providing excellent day-to-day training for the student.


Piano Basics

Lesson 1 - Layout of Piano Keys
Lesson 2 - Names of White Keys
Lesson 3 - Names of Black Keys
Lesson 4 - Piano Grand Staff
Lesson 5 - Music Notation - Note Durations

Beginners Piano

Lesson 6 - Learn How to Play “Brother John”
Lesson 7 - Learn How to Play “London Bridge is Falling Down”
Lesson 8 - Learn How to Play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
Lesson 9 - Playing the Major Chord
Lesson 10 - Three Primary Chords
Lesson 11 - 12 Bar Blues Chord Progression
Lesson 12 - 12 Keys of Music
Lesson 13 - Major Scale
Lesson 14 - Intervals
Lesson 15 - Chords of the Major Scale
Lesson 16 - Circle of Fifths (5ths)
Lesson 17 - Chord Inversions
Lesson 18 - Double Chord Pattern
Lesson 19 - Broken Chord Pattern
Lesson 20 - Arpeggio Chord Pattern
Lesson 21 - Pentatonic Scales
Pentatonic Scales

Lesson 22 - Mysterious Sounds
Lesson 23 - Arpeggios

Five Finger Exercises

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