Piano Technique for Beginners

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Learn how to perform five fingers exercise which will help improve and strengthen your fingers flexibility. You will also learn three piano techniques for beginners on how to play the following scales:

      Pentatonic Scale
      Whole Tone Scale
      Arpeggio Scale

First, watch the video below:


How to play Whole Tone Scale (Mysterious Sounds)

      In this exercise, you will be playing all the
      whole notes (whole tones), they are consisted of
      three white keys and three black keys:

Whole Tone Scales


How to play Pentatonic Scale (Sounds of the Orient)

      In this exercise, you will be playing only the
      black keys (pentatonic scale in the key of G).
      Click below to access a list of pentatonic scales and
      practice all the them.



How to play Arpeggios

      In this exercise, you will be playing
      four (4) octaves of C major chords (C-E-G)
      throughout the keyboard.
      Click to watch the steps on how to
      play this Arpeggios pattern.


Piano Technique Lessons

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Beginner Piano Chords

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