Piano Technique for Beginners

Learn to do five fingers exercise and other piano techniques. These exercises which will help to improve and strengthen your fingering flexibility.

Lesson 21 Pentatonic Scale (Sounds of the Orient)
In this exercise, you will be playing only the black keys (pentatonic scale in the key of G).
Click below to access a list of pentatonic scales and practice all the them.


Lesson 22 Whole Tone Scale (Mysterious Sounds)

In this exercise, you will be playing all the whole notes (whole tones), they are consisted three white keys and three black keys:
Whole Tone Scales

Lesson 23 Arpeggios

More piano technique lessons:

Lesson 37 Major Chord Inversions

Lesson 38 Chord Inversion Straddles

Beginner Piano Chords
Lesson 9Playing the Major Chord
Lesson 10Three Primary Chords
Lesson 1112 Bar Blues Chord Progression

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