C Major Arpeggio

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Arpeggio in musical term refers to a group of notes (or chord) being played one after the other in sequence. It can be played going up or down the scales spreading more than one octave range. The most basic arpeggio is the C Major Arpeggio.

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Besides daily practice of scales, it is recommended that you also practice the arpeggios.  In this lesson, we will be learning how to play the C Major Arpeggio.

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C Major Chord Arpeggio

Watch the video below on how to play C major arpeggio. Notice that every note played are notes of the C major chord; C, E, and G.

Steps to Play the Arpeggio:

Play through four octaves of C major chords, and then ending it with a single C note. Then head back down the piano keyboard through the same four octaves of C major chords. Here’s a step by step explanation on how to play the C major chord arpeggio:

  1. Start with your left hand in C position, two C’s below Middle C. And, your right hand
    in C position on an octave higher than your left hand (or one C below Middle C).
  2. Play the first C major chord with your left hand.
  3. Play the second C major chord with your right hand.
  4. Cross your left hand over your right hand to go to the third C major chord & play it.
  5. Pass your right hand under your left hand to go to the fourth C major chord & play it.
  6. Cross your left hand over your right hand to reach for “C” & play it (Do not move your right
    hand; you still need to use it)
  7. Now you have to go back down towards your starting position. With your right hand in
    the position you last left it, play the fourth C major chord.
  8. Cross your left hand over you right hand and play the third C major chord.
  9. Cross your right hand over your left hand and play the second C major chord.
  10. This is the last step! Pass your left hand under your right hand and play the first C major chord.

You have just played C Major Arpeggio. You should be back at the position you started with.

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