How to play Diminished Chords

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Playing Diminished Chord (written as “dim“) is easy. The formula for diminished chord is:
Root – 3HS – 3HS., or 1 – b3 – b5

Diminished Chords: 1 b3 b5
_____ ___ ___ ___
C C Eb Gb
G G Bb Db
D D F Ab
A A C Eb
E E G Bb
F F Ab Cb
Bb Bb Db Fb
Eb Eb Gb Bbb
Ab Ab Cb Ebb
Db Db Fb Abb
Gb or F# Gb Bb Dbb

Lesson 42 – Diminished Chord

If you remember the formula of major triad which is Root – 4HS – 3HS (or, 1 – 3 – 5), and lower both the third and the fifth notes by one-half step, you will have the formula of diminished chord, which is
1 – b3 – b5.

For example, to play diminished C chord, you would play
C – Eb – Gb (as opposed to C major chord ore triad in which you would play C – E – G)
[Note: Cdim (or, Co) chord is one of the seven chords of the Db major scale] (see Chart below)

Chords of Db Major Scale are: Db, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb, and C Chords

Zebra Keys Type of Chord (Notes of the Chord)
_______ ___________ ___________
Db Major chord (Db-F-Ab)
Eb minor chord (Eb-Gb-Bb)
F minor chord (F-Ab-C)
Gb Major chord (Gb-Bb-Db)
Ab Major chord (Ab-C-Eb)
Bb Minor chord (Bb-Db-F)
C diminished chord (C-Eb-Gb)

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ref42. Diminished Chords

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